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Stand Up Paddle with a Dog- Charleston, SC

Stand Up Paddle with a Dog- Charleston, SC

Stand Up Paddle with Your Dog

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with DogDogs love the sand and sea as much as we do, so why not take them with you on your stand up paddleboarding trip? Your dog will love gliding across the water on the front of your paddleboard, but here are a few tips to ensure both you and your pup have an enjoyable time:

  1. Let your dog get comfortable with your board. It’s a good idea to keep your board in your house, or in a place where your dog often hangs out, to get them comfortable with being around it. It will probably explore the board on his own first, sniffing around and maybe even trying to walk on it.
  2. Put a treat on the board so that your dog will have to walk on it. Once he or she is sitting on the board, give them another treat. Soon enough, they will start to associate being on the paddleboard with good things. Be sure to continue to make the board a fun place. While your dog is learning that the board is a place he wants to be, start repeating the process with his lifejacket on. It will be much easier when you try to go out onto the water if your dog is already comfortable wearing a lifejacket and standing on the board.
  3. Teach them special commands for getting on and off the board. These should be different from any other commands they may already know. With the board still in your house, reward them with treats every time he gets on or off the board on your command.
  4. Practice sitting, standing, and paddling with your dog on the board. Once they are comfortable on the board, practice sitting and standing behind him. Make sure he or she is okay with your presence on the board. As you’re standing, practice rocking the board a little bit from side to side. If they get startled, don’t worry. Just get your dog back on the board with his commands and try again. Once he is used to the rocking, mimic the paddling motion you will be doing in the water. They should be familiar with the paddle moving around him.
  5. Head to the water! Your dog should now be fully prepared to sit on the paddleboard with you! Go through each step with him, making sure he is comfortable with what he learned in this new environment. Keep your first outing fairly short. Give lots of praise and expect a few tumbles! The more you practice paddleboarding with your dog, the better the experience will be for both of you!


Paddle Board Safety for You and Your Dog

It is highly recommended that you have your dog wear a PFD while he’s on the board. If he hits his head or falls off the board, it should keep him safe. Also, don’t have them on a leash when you’re paddleboarding with him. If he fell off the board, the leash could strangle him. Lastly, if he or she is afraid of water, it’s a good idea to get him used to swimming before putting him on a paddleboard.


Rent Paddleboards at Folly Beach SUP and Surf

Try paddleboarding with your dog at Folly Beach SUP and Surf! We offer 2 hour, full day, and week-long paddleboard rentals. At Folly Beach SUP and Surf, we pride ourselves in delivering clean, working equipment every time, on time. If you have any questions regarding rentals, tours, paddleboards, or anything else, feel free to visit our contact page or call us at (843) 588-2278.

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