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5 Safety Tips for SUP Students and Enthusiast

5 Safety Tips for SUP Students and Enthusiast

5 Safety Tips for SUP Students and Paddle Enthusiast

SUP Paddle Safety - Charleston SCWhere and how you paddle, a standup paddleboard is endless at Folly Beach SUP & Surf which means that it’s important to have a safety spectrum that is just as broad. Yes, having fun is the primary goal, but having a good time in a safe manner should be your first priority. Here are 5 Safety Tips for SUP Students and Enthusiast:


1. SUP Etiquette


In case you want to insert a video, here’s a link on SUP etiquette:


Conflicts between prone surfers and SUP surfers increases daily, so it’s important that you know the proper etiquette before you hit the waves. You should be conscious of your level of ability out on the water and do your best to surf within your designated zone. If there is a less populated area, you should try to paddle in that break to practice and steer clear of other surfers. You may think it’s not the same quality time, but so long as you have a paddle in your hands, you can make it a very good time and find your own waves. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t paddle into a crowded area filled with pro surfers and boogie boarders. Your experience level plays a significant role in how safe your experience will be.


2. SUP Leash


The standup boards are not necessarily small so they may escape your grip, and it could be unsafe in particular surfing zone. Make sure you wear a leash that attaches you to your paddleboard because besides being a safety measure, it also helps provide the best form when you’re floating.


3. SUP Suit


If you’re an SUP & Surf beginner in Folly Beach, you’ll probably come back enough to buy yourself a good wetsuit. Wetsuits can do wonders for your body temperature, and it’s good to maintain an even body temperature while you’re out in the water.


4. The Significance of Sunscreen


Shielding your skin from the sun is one of the most vital safety tips we can offer you. In climates where you’re exposed to the hot sun, it is crucial that you wear sunscreen that’s anywhere from SPF 30-50 and waterproof. Sunburn works fast and in a matter of 15 minutes, you can be affected. Rashguard is excellent for protecting your skin as well.


5. Partner Up


Partnering up when you SUP & Surf in Folly Beach is not only more entertaining than doing it alone, it’s always safer to have somebody nearby to help you navigate the waters. Each of you can make sure the other is playing it safe as you paddle alongsi

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