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The Importance of the Liability Form

The Importance of the Liability Form

The Importance of the Liability Form when Renting a Paddle Board

Liability Form - Folly Beach SUP and SurfMany Folly Beach, SC sports and outdoor activities businesses like SUP & Surf  have everyone sign a liability waiver or a release of liability so that in the case of an accident, the legal terms are understood in writing prior to partaking in an activity. Let’s go over some of the legal jargon so that you can understand The Importance of the Liability Form.


In order for our customer to completely understand The Importance of the Liability Form, we will review some of the legal terminologies. One of the important terms is “negligence.” That includes two types of negligence: ordinary and gross negligence.


Ordinary Negligence is defined as “the failure to act as a reasonably prudent professional would act under the circumstances.” Conditions can include:


  • Safety hazards
  • Broken equipment
  • Accidental wrong advice


Due to the possibility that an accident may occur during recreational activities, it is essential that Folly Beach SUP & Surf corrects any problem that may be reported in order to avoid a Gross Negligence claim. For example, an injury caused by a failure to repair broken equipment after it had already been reported as malfunctioning. Whether a Liability Form was signed or not, we would be liable for neglecting to fix the issue after it was first reported.


The South Carolina Liability laws were built to protect you and the business as well. It enforces Folly Beach SUP & Surf to act immediately on any claims that are reported regarding faulty equipment or any safety hazard concerns. That means that our facility stays on top of the conditions that will ensure our customers have a fun and safe experience every time.


As the customer, the Liability Form means that we have explained how to properly use the equipment, all safety regulations, and that you understand that under state law you are willingly taking part in a sporting activity knowing about any possible risks.


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